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FizzDevelop is no longer being developed. I spent about a year and a half developing it in the early 2010s, meaning it to eventually become a lightweight programming environment. At the time, you had to choose between using powerful IDEs that suffered from feature bloat and high resource usage, or lightweight editors that didn't look great and lacked major features. These days, however, times have changed. High quality, fast, good looking code editors and IDEs are readily available for free, and there isn't room in the market for what FizzDevelop was meant to be (or at least, I alone don't have the time to make it a real competitor). Also, with the ubiquity of cloud storage, far fewer developers carry a trusted flash drive at all times anymore, and that was a central part of FizzDevelop's design. I'm proud of building an editor that could compile and run C# and Java code, but at this point, I'm moving on to other projects.

What's FizzDevelop?

FizzDevelop is an IDE with a simple goal - portability. It's lightweight, reasonably powerful, and can run off of your flash drive.

Screenshot of FizzDevelop 0.4

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