NOTE: Development on this project has been temporarily halted. The development team is still working, but there are other projects that demand our more immediate attention. Updates will come, but they will be slow. Feel free to contribute to the project if you like.

What's FizzDevelop?

FizzDevelop is an IDE with a simple goal - portability. It's lightweight, reasonably powerful, and can run off of your flash drive.

Screenshot of FizzDevelop 0.4

WARNING: This project is in very early development. Right now, it isn't very useful. 

Note to people wanting to join the project - some evidence of experience is needed (being a developer for another project, perhaps), or at the very least, you need to submit patches or talk on the discussion board.

Why another IDE?

The answer to this question is complicated. The simple answer is, we want an IDE that's portable, that will allow develops to work wherever it is convenient. However, we are also looking for a more versatile IDE. The goals of our project have changed as time has passed, and will most likely continue. For now, we want a portable IDE, something that simply doesn't exist. 

What languages does FizzDevelop support?

We have current (sort of) working support for Java and C#. We have partial or planned support for the following languages: VBScript, JavaScript, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, XML, assembly language, and Python. More languages will come as needed/wanted.

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